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Tyres Service

Tyre services may include routine maintenance tasks such as tyre rotation, balancing, and inflation, as well as more extensive repairs such as patching punctures or replacing damaged tyres. In addition, tyre service providers may offer tyre fitting and alignment services, as well as sales of new or used tyres.

Tyre service providers may use specialized equipment such as tyre changers and balancers to properly mount and balance tyres, as well as pressure gauges and alignment equipment to ensure that the tyres are properly inflated and aligned. Some tyre service providers may also offer mobile services, coming to the customer's location to perform tyre repairs or replacement.

Regular tyre service can help to extend the life of your tyres and improve the performance and safety of your vehicle. It is recommended to have your tyres serviced by a qualified professional and to follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule for your specific make and model of vehicle.

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